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Herbarium Message Light

Herbarium Message Light

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Imagine the gentle underwater sway of flower petals, forming a captivating dance. Introducing Herbarium Message Lights, where blooms appear to sway and twirl in their serene aquatic haven. These flowers maintain their elegance and dance day after day, unfading for years.

Watch as the stress of your day dissolves while you observe these everlasting blooms moving gracefully. The soft light filtering through the petals adds an enchanting touch, creating an atmosphere of tranquility. Treasure these words as a gift to yourself, for they carry messages you wish to impart upon your own heart. Keep them close as a reminder that you never want to forget.

Much like creating a flower aquarium, we've meticulously combined blooms of captivating hues. This is more than a gift; it's an expression of gratitude and thoughtfulness. Perfect for yourself, a beloved one, or a cherished mother. Dancing everlasting petals carry the brilliance of your message.  Illuminate precious moments with your loved ones using the Herbarium Message Light.




* Please note that the product you receive may not be identical to the photographs due to the natural movement of flowers within the bottle and the use of real blooms.


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Customer Reviews

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Teresa Hsu

Absolutely love this message light. Perfect gift all year around and for everyone!


I purchased the Flower Dance Herbarium Light as a treat for myself. When I look at it, It's incredibly calming, love it.


Gave the Herbarium Light as a gift for my girlfriend. My girlfriend absolutely loves it!


Gifted the Flower Dance Herbarium Light to my mom, and she absolutely adored it. The fact that it arrived so quickly made it even more impressive.